" Jitendra Soni "

With a dream to make online services' simpler for each indian resident, we established VOSO. As a director I seek to address each roadblock that comes in the way to get exceptional services and furthermore to make VOSO a one stop answer for every person. We intend to break the limits between small and medium enterprises and known brands, and to boost profit by working with quality administrations and expert help. Our fundamental belief is to make a solitary contact support to each accomplice and one stop answer for every person which includes all items from needle to electronics appliances , travel and insurance, bill payment and other utility services. Through our facilitator model, we guarantee our accomplices a brand name and the most elevated earning potential, due to our qualities , in a short span of time, 3000+ store partners have associated with us in more than 25 states. I, as a director, on behalf of VOSO would love to extend my gratitude and thanks to each of our partners and brands for becoming a part of our journey of being India’s largest facilitator model.


" Sumit Chordiya "

VOSO has a passion to provide the right services to the right people, this passion has helped us in innovating new ways to make services easily accessible. We now live in a market that is constantly evolving. In such a case, we believe that "credibility" is the most important factor in keeping a relationship with our partners. Our distributed services include a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and high-quality service. They can be found in every nook and cranny of communal life. We will continue to make every attempt to provide excellent service to our valued associates.

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